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As the top solution for missing teeth, dental implants provide patients with a natural-looking, durable, and functional new smile. Implants replace any number of missing teeth from root to crown and integrate with your jawbone for unmatched stability. Best of all, they can last a lifetime when properly taken care of.

Explore our dental implant guide below to learn more about this revolutionary restorative treatment.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a prosthetic replacement tooth secured using a titanium post that’s placed directly into your jaw. The implant supports an attractive porcelain crown that’s custom-made to seamlessly blend into the rest of your smile.

There are several reasons why a patient may need dental implants, including:

  • Replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth
  • Resolve joint pain or bite problems caused by teeth shifting into a missing tooth space
  • Restore a patient’s confidence
  • Restore chewing, digestion, and speech
  • Restore or enhance facial features
  • Support a bridge or denture, making them more secure and comfortable

Dental Implant Benefits

Patients find dental implants deliver benefits that other restorative options can’t match, including:

  • Secured to your jaw
  • Looks and functions just like your natural tooth
  • Resistant to decay
  • Prevents jawbone deterioration
  • Easy to care for
  • Can last a lifetime

Our Dental Implant Process

Restoring your smile with dental implants is typically a three-step process that’s completed over the course of several months. While the treatment may take longer than receiving dentures or a bridge, the long-term benefits are well worth it. 

Initial Consultation

The first step on your journey to a beautiful smile is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Otteson at our Chandler dental practice. During this visit, Dr. Otteson will examine your teeth, gums, and jawbone to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants. This is also a great opportunity to ask him any questions you may have. 

Some patients may need supplemental procedures, such as a bone graft,  in order to have a successful dental implant placement. During your visit, Dr. Otteson will let you know if a supplemental procedure is necessary.

Implant Placement

The dental implant procedure doesn’t take long and should only last two to three hours. Your surgery may take longer if you’re having multiple implants placed. The implant fixture will be placed in your jaw and will help protect the surgical area to start the healing process. This process is called osseointegration and can take anywhere from three to six months to be completed.

Final Restoration

Once your mouth has fully healed, you’ll return to our Chandler office so Dr. Otteson can attach your customized porcelain crown. If you’re having multiple teeth replaced, we can also secure a dental bridge or dentures to the implants. From there, you’ll walk out of our office with your brand new stunning smile.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be a great option for many patients living with missing teeth. If you’re interested in restoring a beautiful smile that’s strong and long-lasting, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Unlike dentures, they’ll never fall out or slide around your mouth and they can be cleaned just like natural teeth. Implants also stimulate healthy jawbone growth to prevent deterioration and preserve facial appearance. 

Some patients may require supplemental procedures to increase their chance of qualifying for dental implants. Dr. Otteson will let you know if you need a supplemental procedure and will create a customized treatment plan just for you.

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