Pediatric Dentistry in Chandler, AZ

Your child won’t keep their first set of teeth forever, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still need regular care. Maintaining your child’s dental health now will provide health benefits well into their future, as primary (baby) teeth serve some very important functions.

First off, primary teeth serve as guides for the eruption of permanent teeth, holding the space into which these new teeth will come in. The crowns of the permanent teeth push against the roots of the baby teeth, making them resorb, or melt away. After this process, the adult teeth can take their proper place.

What’s more, your child’s primary teeth will be there for most of childhood, helping your child to bite, chew and speak. For roughly six years, he or she will be relying on primary teeth exclusively to perform these important tasks. Until around age 12, your child will have a mix of primary and permanent teeth. You will want to make sure those teeth stay healthy and are lost naturally when it’s time.

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